Arcanadea Yukumo



Height: approx 155mm.

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[Ah! If Yukumo is okay with you, can you engage me? ]

– From Kotobukiya’s new series [Arcanadia] based on [SF x fantasy], the beastman type Diaz [Yukumo] is now available as a plastic model.
– A three-dimensional illustration drawn by Mr. [necomi], a popular illustrator who is widely active in game illustrations and VTuber character designs.

-By recombining the dedicated parts for each part, you can reproduce two types of forms with one product: non-combat state [Normal mode] and combat state [Wilrise mode].
-The split design of each part uses a 3mm joint, so you can enjoy it in combination with the previous Kotobukiya original series.

[Accessories & Gimmicks]
-By recombining parts dedicated to each part, it is possible to reproduce two types of forms: non-combat state [Normal mode] and combat state [Wilrise mode].
– 4 types of tampo-printed expression parts are included.
– Comes with a water slide expression decal that allows you to create your favorite expression.
– The knots on both sides of the hair can be moved independently by connecting ball joints.
– Comes with a ring part (collar) for engaging with Yukumo.
-The magic circle-shaped parts on the back are hexagram-shaped joints with a 3mm hole in the center, and are compatible with the magic circle-shaped parts of the Arcanadia series.
-The shimenawa parts that extend on both sides of the back can change the angle by connecting the shaft at the base.
-The bell and paper parts connected to the shimenawa are movable with ball joints.
-Normal mode Legs have pull-out knee joints, allowing for both beautiful leg lines and a wide range of motion when the joints are not visible from the front when standing.
– Comes with a staff-type special weapon. All the ring parts of the staff can be moved independently.
– Comes with a special sword-type weapon.
– The front waist skirt can be moved without alienating the movement of the character due to the independent parts configuration.
– The large tail that extends from the waist can be moved up, down, left and right according to the movement of the character by connecting the base to the shaft.
-The tail has a 3-layer structure, each of which can be moved flexibly by connecting ball joints.
-Normal mode The tip of the tail can be moved flexibly up, down, left and right by connecting the shaft.
– Comes with a dedicated stand.
– Comes with a special joint for connecting the lower tail. Dedicated stand and dedicated joint ensure holding power.
– A special wrist joint for holding weapons is included.
– 6 types of left and right PVC wrists are included. It is possible to have existing MSG, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series weapons.
-The 3mm diameter holes placed in each part can be used with the existing MSG, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series weapons.
– Comes with a neck part to connect the head of Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device.

– Design: Tatsuya Ishii, maimai


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