Metal Gear REX Black Ver.



(C)Konami Digital Entertainment
Full length: approx 220mm.
– Popular KONAMI [Metal Gear] series all over the world.-From [Metal Gear Solid], the nuclear-equipped bipedal tank [Metal Gear REX] is commercialized in a black version with an original model setting!

-Original model setting with metal gear REX molding as it is, changing the molding color to black for easy painting.
– Comes with a caution that allows you to add new details and a marking decal that allows you to create the original Metal Gear REX.
-A total of 4 figures are included: Solid Snake, Cyborg Ninja 2 types (normal standing state, damage state stepped on by Metal Gear REX, which is impressive in the play), and Liquid Snake.
– Comes with a dedicated base inspired by the hangar in the play.


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