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Gundam Development Test Unit 0 Codename: Engage Zero

A prototype mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics as an additional plan for the Earth Federation Forces’ “Gundam Development Plan” from the simulation app “Mobile Suit Gundam UC ENGAGE”, which brings together Gundam’s Universal Century works. The codename “Engage Zero” is the first three-dimensional figure in HG.

Reproduce the characteristic aircraft form with completely new modelling!
The additional plan prototype “Gundam Development Test No. 0 (Engage Zero)” of the Earth Federation Forces “Gundam Development Plan” developed by AE is reproduced with completely new modelling.
Various actions are possible with a wide range of motion, such as a pull-out shoulder joint and movable hip joint.
The shape of characteristic chest armour is shaped with an image in the play.
The characteristic leg shape, which is mainly curved, is expressed in detail.
Rear armour
Vernier fin detail is reproduced by modelling. The deployment gimmick in the play can be reproduced.

Reproducible when the additional booster is installed!
You can reproduce the booster-wearing state by replacing the additional booster and backpack.
The included display stand allows for stable display even when the booster is attached.

Set content: Beam Rifle / Shield / Beam Saber / Additional Booster


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