Red Five (Normal Edition)



Height: approx 160mm.
-From [Galaxy Machine Attack Corps Majestic Prince], the [Red Five] piloted by Izuru Hitachi is now available as a plastic model!
-The kit reproduces the characteristic aircraft form and action gimmick, and is an item that allows you to relive the action in the play in three dimensions.- Reproduce the characteristic coloring as much as possible with parts division and color-coded stickers.
-The joints of each part are movable, corresponding to various actions shown in the play.
– Dedicated equipment [HEP Cannon] [Beam Cannon] x 2 [Arm Sword Counter] x 2 is included.
– HEP cannon transforms into various attack forms as set.
– [Full burst mode] is reproduced by replacing each part such as the head and back wings.
– Comes with a stand base that can be displayed in a floating pose.


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